Jared Leto dissatisfied with the cooperation with Warner Bros

Part of Jared Leto, singer of 30 Seconds To Mars, in the film “suicide Squad”, about which so much was said, it appears, did not satisfy the artist. The singer-actor told his fans that he was dissatisfied with the cooperation with Warner Bros and what eventually became released film.
During a meeting Jared with fans and journalists in Miami, Summer asked about his contract with renowned production company, and what he said we can’t translate on Russian language.

“Fuck ’em,” said Jared laugh prisutstvii. As it turned out, the artist was very unhappy with the contract, because for a long time he wasn’t allowed to do any risky stunts, it was impossible to risk, for example, climbing. Also Summer could not wear bright clothes to the premiere of the film. Due to the fact that the expectation of the holiday was better than holiday, Jared never looked “suicide Squad”. On the fan site Summer admitted that he was “full of hatred to the appearance of the Joker and his image as a whole.”

Source: http://www.nme.com
Photo: http://www.nme.com

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