Jared Harris may be the new Dumbledore in the sequel “Fantastic creatures”

Yesterday we told you that the development of the idea of the second part of “Fantastic creatures and where they live” has already begun. The network began to spread speculation about who will star in the sequel, in particular, who plays Professor Albus Dumbledore.

Many were convinced that johnny Depp light up in the first film will be the star of the movie “Trainspotting” Ewan McGregor. Today the media started talking about another candidate.

The future role of mentor to Harry Potter could be Jared Harris, the Sunnah of the late Richard Harris, who played Dumbledore in the first films of the “Harry Potter”.

“I, frankly, first time I hear about this and while not expecting a call with an offer, and never even thought about this possibility. Although the idea lies on the surface. However, as far as I know, the Hollywood bosses don’t like it when fans put pressure on them and their decisions. Often the views of the public and producers do not coincide,” commented Harris, Jr., his possible involvement in the sequel in an interview with the Evening Standard.

Reference: Jared Harris known to the audience. He starred in such projects as “Photographer”, “the curious case of Benjamin Button, Sherlock Holmes: a Game of shadows”, “Mad men”.

Source: intermedia.ru
Photo: intermedia.ru

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