Janice from “Friends” repeated his famous laugh

Janice from “Friends” repeated his famous laugh

Actress Maggie Wheeler, best known for playing Janice in the TV series “Friends”. Her character is memorable for the audience with his vivid laugh and catchphrase ” Oh my god!

Maggie Wheeler was a guest on the morning show This Morning. The actress rarely gives interviews, especially on television, therefore social networks exploded with enthusiastic reviews.

In my life “Janice” was a very pleasant woman with a sense of humor and self-irony: the real voice and laughter she is not ugly, and the exclamation Oh my god! she says only at the request of fans.

“This is the laughter arose very naturally, at the first shoot. I knew I had to work with Matthew Perry and he’s very funny. I knew that with him I’m always laughing on set, so I decided I should prepare. So I came up with laughter Janice as a… security measures,” shared Maggie.


Source and photo: bigmir.net