Janet Jackson did not talk about adult daughter

Singer Janet Jackson, who soon should give birth to her first child, returned to the social network where she is now a rare visitor to inform subscribers that all her good. It is noteworthy that in the Wake of rumors about the adult child, she chose to remain silent and did not declare that no adult daughter she is not, and that a baby will soon be born – will be her first.

The first thing the sister of Michael Jackson thanked fans for their “love and prayers”.
“Hey, guys.. I was away for some time, but I’m still listening.. I feel your love and prayers. Thanks, I’m fine..”- he wrote fifty-year-old Jackson.

Recall that the father of her first born is a businessman Wissam al Mana, whom she secretly married in 2012. The pregnancy with Janet was not only interrupted the planned world tour Unbreakable World Tour, but he disappeared from the social network.
“Please understand me if you can. For me is very important. I must rest, insist on it my doctors.. But I have not forgotten about you and will continue the tour as soon as you can..” — justified Janet. Pregnancy it is not easy, but she and her husband were too long for her to risk.
On the news of the pregnancy of the actress was announced and her first husband James Debra, whom she married at the age of seventeen. In the opinion of men, when they divorced in 1985, his wife was pregnant by him and bore him a daughter who was immediately placed in the care of another family. Jackson hid the secret from everyone about the pregnancy and the baby only knew the family of Janet, and then chose to hide the truth.
“I’m tired of secrets. I’m tired of no one except me knows the truth, and I decided that the wise decision is to talk about it. I did not know about it and I were shocked by this news as you are” — said the ex-husband of Janet. The artist herself has not commented on this information. By the way, that baby Jackson – not new. Such rumors circulated in the late 80s. Then in interview to one of editions mother Debra said that I’m sure Janet had a baby from her son right after my divorce, and hid this fact from the public.

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