Janet Jackson call son in honor of the famous brothers

Janet Jackson, singer and sister of the deceased pop king Michael Jackson, in his fifty years, first becoming a mother. Before the baby is born just a few months, but the expectant mother already knows that her son will be named in honor of his brothers – Michael Brandon.

Michael’s name was the most popular of Jackson, whose name is forever recorded in the history of music, and Brandon is the twin brother of Marlon, Janet, who died soon after his birth.
“Janet decided to honor the memory of two brothers, and her husband Wissam al Mana agreed to it,” — said the insider. Despite the fact that Janet’s husband is a Muslim and the head of the family. confident that his word is important, he went on about his wife and agreed. Of course, first and last name of the heir, which will appear in December this year, will be Muslim.
“Michael Brandon will be the second child’s name. Wissam will give the child the first and last names, and the surname” — said the insider.
Recall that, after learning about the pregnancy, Janet canceled all of his performances and almost disappeared from sight, and only in September saw her in a London shopping centres for shopping. Almost the entire pregnancy Jackson had been in bed – insisted doctors, and Janet did not dare not to follow their advice – too long-awaited this boy, to risk his and their health.

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