Jane Fonda and Richard Perry split up

After eight years of relationship broke up Jane Fonda and Richard Perry. This confirmed the music Mogul in a recent interview, however, made an amendment that it’s not really a breakup.

“I can’t say that this breakup is probably easier to say that we just switched to our lives. Our affair is not over, we remained good friends, continue to do things to support each other, care. Just our personal relationships have gone by the wayside. Jane was increasingly devoted himself to public Affairs, but we have very much love each other” — said Richard.
Recall that he met 79-year-old actress and 74-year-old businessman in 2009, and in 2012 they moved to a mansion in the California town of Truesdale, which they purchased for $ 7.3 million. Jane has repeatedly said that with Perry they have a real intimacy she’d never felt with one of his former partners.
“I was lucky with Richard. I feel absolutely safe” — said Jane.
Recall that the Fund was three times married Director Roger Vadim, activist Tom Hayden and movie Mogul Ted Turner.

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