Jamie Oliver in fifth time became a father

Jamie is able not only to bake cakes! World-renowned chef, cookbook author, TV show and numerous books on relevant topics Jamie Oliver and his wife Jules this weekend became parents for the fifth time.

“It happened guys! Our son was born! The whole family Oliver is excited and happy. The baby was born healthy. Mama Jules is just wonderful!” — posted by Jamie under a photo with his son and added that his two older daughters came immediately after the appearance of the brothers into the light and shared the joy with their parents.
The name of the boy Jaimovich not yet chosen, but Oliver has announced that his youngest son was born with a weight corresponding to “16 packs of butter”.

Recall that Jamie and Jules have been together for sixteen years. Senior spouses daughters poppy honey, Desi Boo and petal blossom 16,12 and 6 years, respectively, and they have a five year old son buddy Bear. I wonder what colorful name the parents will choose the fantasy for a new family member.

Source: http://www.eonline.com
Photo: https://www.instagram.com

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