Jamie Dornan and Cillian Murphy try to escape from an Irish prison

The star of the erotic trilogy “Fifty shades of grey” Jamie Dornan continues to break in a big movie and have already decided on the film, the filming of which will be occupied in the near future. We are talking about a project called “the Block “N”.

The plot of the film was borrowed from real life: in the film will show the events in the maze prison in 1983, when prisoners escaped. In addition to Dornan the film will star Cillian Murphy (“peaky blinders”).

Cillian Murphy will play the leader of a group of prisoners, who originally did not plan to escape and was respected among the jailers. Jamie Dornan got the role of the doubters of the prisoner, who, however, first discovers a breach in the security system.

Note that Jamie and Killian already had experience of joint work on the military drama “Anthropoid”.

The press it became known that the cast can also join pierce Brosnan. In case of success of negotiations, he’ll play the warden, whose mission — to catch escaped prisoners 38. In reality, it was only in respect of 19 of them.

The Director of this project: Jim Sheridan (“the boxer”). The authors of the script of steel Tony Devlin, Gavin McCloskey and Nick Sheffer (“13 reasons why”).

Date of commencement of filming and premiere of the film has not yet been reported

Recall the last movie with Jamie Dornan – “fifty shades darker” — was released in February of this year.

With a budget of $ 55 million, the film earned 378 million. The film received the vast majority of negative reviews. On the website Rotten Tomatoes, his rating is 9% based on 160 reviews with an average rating of 3.3 out of 10.

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