Jamie Chung has joined the third season of “Gotham”

Jamie Chung has joined the third season of “Gotham”

To the caste of the third season of “Gotham” (Gotham), which starts in September 2016, was joined by Jamie Chung – actress already familiar to those who watch the series “Once upon a time (Once upon a time). In season 3 of “Gotham” Jamie Chung will play a character named Valerie Vale.

However, any abilities the character Jamie Chung have not: Valerie is a reporter for Gotham Gazette, confident and purposeful, intending by all means to unravel the mystery of the laboratory of Indian hill. In search of clues Valerie and goes to Gotham.

In the original comics and DC Comics, there is Vicki Vale – the same journalist who reveals the true identity of Batman and becomes the girlfriend of Bruce Wayne. In “Gotham” as Valerie Vayle will make aunt Vicki.

The premiere of season 3 of “Gotham” will be held on Monday, September 19, 2016.


Source and photo: popcornnews.ru