James packer is a big fan of creativity of Marii Carey

Australian billionaire James packer – a great lover of music his future wife, the American singer of Marii Carey. The couple became engaged in January of this year and is now engaged in planning the wedding, besides, soon on the screens will be a reality show singer, in which she and her beloved will tell us about themselves and their relationships (does anyone think that the ratings of the program will last only one her work?)

In an interview with Complex, Carey said that the packer has long been “obsessed” with her music and always listened to her songs during travel or during your vacation. However, for Marii, which itself loves madly, it was not something new, and even facilitated their communication in the beginning of the relationship.
“In fact, if he didn’t like my music, how could he be with me? I’m constantly working on its development. So it’s cool and it’s perfect for us” — said Maria.
To a journalist’s question, what does her fiance, Carey replied evasively that he is a “private entrepreneur”, who owns several companies, which she is not at liberty to say.
Recall that recently the singer said that the decision to sign a marriage contract was for the bride and groom something that is difficult or unusual. And Marii, and for James this marriage will not be the first, they are both successful accomplished people who have achieved a lot before meeting each other.
“We didn’t want to do something that is important, but the reality is that we have to do it. James has a huge fortune, I have things that must remain mine. I expect nothing from him, so a marriage contract is the usual pattern” — said Maria.
First husband of the actress was Tommy Mottola, whom she married in 1993. The marriage lasted only four years. In 2008 she married nick cannon, with whom she had two children-twins Monroe and Maroccana. Despite the fact that the couple was living together, officially they are not divorced till now. Nick officially congratulated Meriu and James on your engagement, but the divorce is in no hurry to give.
“I never planned on divorcing the father of her children, but life is unpredictable, and it happened what had to happen. Their children such a fate I do not want” -said Maria.

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