James Franco received a Golden globe and was accused of pedophilia – 24???

39-year-old actor James Franco accused of trying coercion to perform oral sex and pedophilia. Appropriate charges were brought against Franco after he has received a Golden globe for best actor in a Comedy or musical for his film “the Mountain-Lord.”

James Franco | okino.ua

According to “Tape” after the ceremony “Golden globe”, held in Los Angeles, several of the girls on Twitter blamed Franco for inappropriate behavior.

Actress violet Paley told how James violently forced her to have oral sex with him and tried to get 17-year-old girlfriend Paley in his hotel room. Student Franco Sarah Tiger-Kaplan complained that the actor was forced to appear naked in his films because she “signed a contract”.

In turn, James Franco said that the sounded accusations against him are not true.

Previously Michael Douglas in advance denied the allegations of sexual harassment that he wanted to present a former employee of his production Studio.