James Cameron wants to restart the “Terminator”

In 2015, the large screens came the continuation of a fantastic franchise “Terminator” — “Terminator: Genesis”. The main role – the role of the Terminator was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Directed by Alan Taylor. His hand to the creation of this movie also made James Keeran, who directed the first film. Then he took on the responsibilities of the writer.

Despite a great desire to make a film that could compete with “Terminator” in 1984, to achieve this still failed. Genesis failed at the box office, but collected the cash, which was expected by the creators. If the invested 155 million dollars, earnings amounted to 440 million.

Today it became known that James Cameron, who managed to make the successful “Terminator”, may again become a Director of one of the following parts.

In 2019 back to Cameron production rights to the story (in the 1984th rights were sold to Gale Anne Herb for $ 1). Note that shooting the sequel “Terminator” will be difficult to organize in the next few years, because Cameron is busy making the sequel of “Avatar”. It is not excluded that the Director’s duties, James will give to someone else or postpone the shooting of “Terminator” for a dozen years.

Source: ok-magazine.ru
Photo: oKino.ua

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