Ivanka trump children visited the zoo in Washington DC

And when she does it? Ivanka trump, the daughter and adviser of his father, the current President of the United States Donald trump, as well as a successful businesswoman, paid attention to their three children Arabella, Joseph and Theodore, and traveled with them to the Washington zoo.

On his page in the social network Ivanka published a picture with the children, made against the background of an elephant at the National zoo of the Smithsonian institution.
“Met new friends” — signed Ivanka photo.
We will remind that last week a scandal erupted when it became known that Donald ordered to provide his daughter the whole Cabinet in the West wing of the White house. While politicians and haters of trump resented and called it a usurpation of power, Ivanka decorous put down her things next door to her husband, Advisor to the President – the Cabinet. The lawyer and the representative of Ivanka has said that it’s just a room in which it is located, without receiving any salaries and bonuses.

Source: http://www.starslife.ru
Photo: https://www.instagram.com

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