Ivanka trump boasted a photograph of three children

Daughter of the odious politician who had gathered to take a cushy place White House Donld trump Ivanka trump, she is a proud mother of three children, posted a touching picture of all their children – four-year-old Arabella rose, two-year-old Joseph Frederick and the three-month Theodore James.

Photo Ivanka chose the outfits of gentle pastel tones and a refreshing blue and white stripes, which are painted and dress daughter, and the shirt of the eldest son. The picture shows the brother and sister hug and kiss her younger brother.
“Joseph often gives Theodore his bottle, tries to tell him stories and always tries to kiss him. Doctors do not recommend to allow children to kiss these kids in the face, but it is almost impossible to follow” — said Ivanka in a recent interview.

Source: http://celebritybabies.people.com
Photo: http://celebritybabies.people.com

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