Ivan Urgant congratulated the father on the anniversary and made an unexpected confession

Ivan Urgant often never misses an opportunity to remind you about your father. Usually about your parent Ivan speaks in comic form, attributing to him certain things that have taken place (or not) during his childhood and youth.

But today the presenter of the show “Evening Urgant” in a special way and with great love he spoke about his father, however, humor still refused.

The reason for this was the 60th anniversary, which celebrates Andrey Urgant.

“You gave me everything I wanted. In 1983 you gave me my first (and last) fire truck. In 1995 you gave me my first shoes with thick soles. In 1997, you gave me my first synthesizer and computer. And in 1978 you gave me life. Although, assuming that I was born in April, life you gave me in 1977. Be healthy and happy! Be talented and love! Be elegant and witty! And remember that, despite the fact that all my children are female, I’m still myself call them Andrei,” concluded his congratulatory message to Ivan in his usual manner, verbally signing up “With the love of your son (just in case Ivan)”.

Source: dni.ru
Photo: dni.ru

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