Ivan Urgant commented on the rumors about the departure from the First channel

The latest edition of the “Evening Urgant” was dedicated to the mass layoffs presenters from the First channel. Ivan Urgant denied earlier rumors about his retirement, as it turned out, which he also distributed.

Andrey Malakhov, Alexander Oleshko, Timur Kizyakov, they all voluntarily resigned from the First channel, and after the mass dismissal, the question arose about one of the main leading countries – Ivan Urgant. However, it turned out to be fiction.

Urgant specially launched a rumors claim that is going to leave behind all the retired stars, but it was pure PR, because in the new issue of “Evening Urgant” the main theme is just in and began firing stars.

By the way, before the release of “Evening Urgant” was shown a comic fragment with the main news of the First leading channel that makes fun of the example of Urgant dismissal stars.

Guest of the show became the new host of “Let them talk” Dmitry Borisov, who likes the humor Urganta, and who supported him. Showman reassured his fans and assured that quitting is not going to.