Ivan Krasko was found with the alleged lover of the young wife – 24???

87-year-old actor Ivan Krasko along with his wife Natalia visited the Studio of the show “actually”. Appeared on the gear and Alexander, the alleged lover of the wife of the artist, informs “Around the TV”.

Alexander said that Natalia without hesitation met him on the street, and during subsequent meetings, they read his poems. Media reported that on TV even decided to remove the transmission on this subject, but in the TV Studio new chosen one women was allegedly beaten up by the Director of Ivan Krasko. Deceived husband, according to unconfirmed reports, found out about the affair, but did not divorce.

Natalia Shevel and Ivan Krasko | Cosmopolitan

In the Studio of the popular TV show Ivan Krasko stated that if an intimate relationship of Alexander and Natalia are confirmed, he will leave his wife. According to the wife of the artist, a sexual relationship with Alexander she was not. In turn, the experts that analyzed the polygraph evidence, stated that she is disingenuous.

Recall, the 87-year-old Ivan Krasko married 27-year-old Natalia Shevel in 2015. She became the fourth wife of the artist.