Ivan Krasko told the details of marriage with a young actress

Two years ago the marriage of 84-year-old people’s artist Ivan Krasko his 24-year-old student caused a lot of speculation from the public. After a time, the actor has revealed some details of life in “the unequal marriage” with journalists.


“We’re great!”, – says Ivan Krasko, describing their family life. In his opinion, they are with Natalie’s family has strengthened just talking about the failure of marriage in which the age difference of the spouses is sixty years. Unlike feelings, driven by the desire at a young age, their relationship from called stronger. They are based on the opinion of the actor on respect and spiritual kinship. Natalia is not a simple woman, she is talented and smart and looking for himself in art. According to Krasko has not yet found himself, but he tries. The actor refused to protestirovat his wife giving her the opportunity to make creative decisions. So now a former student playing at the youth theater of the Institute for the Humanities, a lot of photographs, draws and writes poetry. By the way, the light I saw two poetry collection Natalia Krasko.

As for family celebrations, magnificent banquets, the family is not yet satisfied. Ivan Krasko tells about “a lack of money”, which does not allow to collect a large feast. But together, they always feel festive. The actor even admitted. He feels himself at the age of his young wife. She will soon turn 27 years old, and it means “within thirty”.