Ivan Barzakov opposed Rapunzel Olga and Dmitry Dmitrenko

During the live broadcasts of the guys shared with their fans next unknown facts, and the couple recently talked about regarding the topic of their relationship with Ivan Bursikova. Rumors that “brands” discuss it behind his back and came to Ivan, who decided to respond with an angry post, the website life-dom2.su.

Never ceremonialize neither Olga nor Dmitri, was not Barsikow silent this time, and even called Dmitrenko “gay” and Olga “the Amur Sha**howling”. Rapunzel herself is not left lunge to your address with no response. The girl is convinced that Vanya trite PR for their Dima account. Besides Olga accused the young man of envy.

“Went ugly. Even if we take into account their relationship, what right he had to insult them publicly?” – asked the audience “House 2”.