Italy found stolen from Kim Kardashian diamond ring

Last fall, Kim kardashian has become the victim of a robbery. In a hotel in Paris, where the American star, burst into the unknown, and took with him of jewelry worth several million euros. Before the postal police task is to find the robbers and recover the Kardashian all stolen. The first results in this case were obtained recently. One of the rings, Kim was discovered in Italy.

Jewel was in one of the jewelry stores in the country. 20 carat Lorraine Schwartz ring sold even at that price, which called itself the media personality. This decoration was a Kardashian on that fateful day.

At the moment, you need to install, where previously it ring Kim. If so, how did it get to the Italian store.

Will the identification be done with the help of a Kardashian, not specified.

By the way, Kim has again become the victim of hackers. This time to mock the star and her family came from the media: unknown called the police and called the outfit in the Kardashian house, arguing that the house the shots were fired.

The police immediately went to the scene and without further proceedings, entered the house. Of course, anyone with a gun in the house was found. Later, on his Twitter page, Kim has spoken about this, noting that for such actions people should be punished: “All those calls from the media — it’s not even funny. People should be arrested for it. I hope the police find out who is behind this. This is no joke and very dangerous!”.


Source: graziamagazine.ru, peopletalk.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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