It turned out that in life and on photo by Alexander Black and two different people

So, a couple of days ago Sasha was surprised by his decision to change your hair, appearing in the photo is not from the usual buzz cut and long hair extensions. However, without surprises has not managed. Now it is clear that under its strands she hides shaved head. However, despite the uniqueness of the new image, many noted that it pretty well suits her, writes the site life-dom2.su.

Somewhat different Sasha in real life. The viewers frankly scared footage from a recent broadcast, where the Black is a little similar to a girl with integralnih photo. A member of telestroke again raised a laugh by comparing with a known drinker, Nicholas Dolzhansky, and advised me finally to think about weight loss and self care.

“At first I thought that she Strigoi ringworm, a horrible haircut , and she says terrible, too —the voice is so nasty”, “Yes, Black “incredibly” beautiful” – said the fans of “House 2”.