“It is zero”: the Haters can’t wait for the care of Mary Kohno of “House-2”

In the Network there are rumors that Maria Kohno will leave the project. Users ‘ opinions were divided. Some believe that it is high time to leave, others that without it would be boring.

Recently, the Network appeared information about the fact that next week, the project still leaves Maria Kohno. Viewers of “House-2” can’t get enough of the news and criticize anyone who thinks that the girl had to stay.

The opinions of fans of telestroke dispersed, some believe that such active participants as Masha Kohno a very long project and she will be missed, as their daily conflicts, it has attracted the attention not only to themselves but to the “House-2” in General.

Others do not agree with this statement, arguing that their cries, vulgarity and behaviour, on the contrary, it only pushed viewers. According to them, sorry Kohno, only those who are on her level.

Antiphonary Mary also declare that I have not had such girls that arouse disgust, and Kohno refers precisely to this.

“Defies his parents, and she was a zero!!And where are the intellectuals? Where?” writes one of the fans of the TV show.

In any case, if Mary Kohno really left the “House-2”, then the audience is not long left to see it on their screens as the air in her care should show on October 21.