It is impossible to keep at home: 12 of taboos of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the Eastern teaching, based on deep researches and observations which are more than 3000 years. This practice has absorbed a vast experience of tens of generations of Oriental sages.

The most popular Feng Shui energy at home. Many of us, the majority, holds the house a huge part of his life. At home we sleep, rest, receive guests and often even work. The rules and the tenets of Feng Shui covers many aspects, ranging from cleaning and rearranging furniture to create the right atmosphere and choosing colors for walls, floor and so on. However, there are 10 most important prohibitions about what cannot be kept at home.

Energy things

There are many items that spoil energy background in your home. Absolutely every thing has its purpose. Feng Shui can tell you about every detail that will be important for your well-being, luck, motivation, mood.

Some things can act like magnets, but not attracting positive Chi and negative. It is about them and speech will go further. Energy vampirism is inherent in many everyday items, with which you can connect your life every day. You can use something all the time, but in fact this can be a big mistake.

Over time, bad things become stronger, worsening your mood and sometimes health. In 99 percent of cases people just don’t understand why they have a bad night’s sleep, still feel why they have a headache, why they failed. Negative things can even cause strife between lovers, between parents and children, brothers and sisters.

It is impossible to keep at home

Old shoes. This is especially true of Slippers. They accumulate negative energy, which does not give positive normally circulate throughout the house. Space in the house should be free from all the excess. Don’t be afraid to make room for new things, throwing out the trash. Of course, it is not all about old items of clothing, and ragged, dirty, unsuitable for normal wear. Many people are engaged in the storage of such things, fearing to part with them. You need to learn how to throw them. Together with them, you throw out the problems, bad feeling and dark thoughts. If your old shoes or clothes well maintained, look fine, then all will be well.

The broken mirrors. Not only in Feng Shui broken mirror is considered bad, negative thing. Psychics and experts on bioenergy they say that broken mirrors attract trouble. Eastern teachings says that a broken mirror distorts positive energy, turning it into the dark. In the Eastern traditions since ancient times it was customary to remove broken glass and mirrors. Many of us keep broken mirrors in the cottages spare the money for a new one, but it is fundamentally wrong. Even worse, when even the mirror hanging in front of the entrance door. This needs to be rectified immediately.

Broken crockery. The effect is similar to a broken mirror. An old Chinese proverb says: “a Crack in the bowl — a crack in everything”. It is, after all, when we use defective plates or mugs, you destroy your luck. In the philosophy of Feng Shui a lot of emphasis on the kitchen and all that is on it. Cookware is one of the most important elements. Immediately dispose of broken and cracked dishes. Do not procrastinate taking out the trash. It is fraught with negative consequences that are not wanted.

Dirt, dust and debris. A dirty floor is very bad luck in Eastern cultures. As for cleanliness in the house, in the East, people treat it very carefully. The dirt on the floor attracts poverty, destroys money luck. The same dust is the enemy of your health because it delays the update of the energy. Dust is best to wipe every two days. Garbage should not accumulate in any case. Dirty dishes, if it exists, must lie in the sink. Garbage bags can not save and can not be put to the front door — either outside or inside. This blocks all inputs and outputs for the Qi energy. Very often the garbage out the door, but it’s wrong. Remove it in the allotted place and not stored. Throw in time.

Broken appliances, electronics. Many people do not throw away mobile phones with broken screen or not working gadgets. Not hoard it all, because electronics has its own special disadvantages, if it does not work. This is especially true of television, which some experts on bioenergy call energy portals. Through the technique circulates negative, but she has to work, he stays inside. When a telephone or a television, tablet, radio and so on goes down, something happens that experts called the blocking energy. All the accumulated negative energy devices are beginning to give to the outside world.

Photos print-type defects. Many people have old photos at home that are dear to them as a memory of past times, about people. This is normal, but should not be worn. Now there are a variety of services to restore and digitize photographs. Throw away old photos that do not convey the picture normally. Replace them with the electronic version if you don’t want that old patterns were taken from you energy. The effect is similar with broken mirrors, but it is less noticeable. Not worth it to risk the present for the past.

Gifts from people you don’t like. If you gave a gift, but man this is only negative, such a thing must be a thing-vampire. It will suck energy from you and your family until you get rid of it. Sell it, throw it, do whatever, but just move it outside of your apartment. This is very dangerous because you are putting yourself at risk. Such things deprive people of good luck, good mood and even health. It is possible that this thing will act like a curse or the evil eye. If it’s something small and can burn you can even burn such a gift, for greater certainty that he will have power over you.

Stuff from dead people. It is absolutely clear, however, this paragraph applies to absolutely all things. It can be pictures, equipment, clothing. Everything that belonged to a man who is no longer in this world, it is better to throw away or sell. For other people in other houses it will have no negative start. In Eastern philosophy it is accepted with great respect for dead people. Their stuff should not belong to the place where they once lived.

Old broom. What we are sweeping up the debris, should look neat. Old brooms only bring trouble. From them we can often get sick, lose good luck in all spheres of life. Get rid of old brooms, mops broken, excessively dirty rags. Do not skimp on new tools for cleaning the house. They themselves can be powerful magnets for negative energy.

Empty bottles and waste paper. Paper and glass are the good conductors for the negative. It is to them and stick. There are less safe stuff, but paper and glass is the pinnacle of danger. Old magazines and Newspapers is a very bad companions of your life. They accumulate dust, clutter up the space. They can not keep even in the barn, not to mention the place where you sleep, eat, rest.

Plants with needles. Cacti, roses, rose hips and so on are living blockers positive energy coming from the Windows. If you want to have a cactus, put it near a computer or a TV, but only one, not more. Such plants in Feng Shui do not recommend to create a pleasant atmosphere at home. In General, this applies to any sharp objects, including finishes and decor.

Climbing plants. Another type of plant, the Feng Shui considered to be dangerous. Vines prevents people normally think, distort his perception of the world. Such plants are sources of doubt. People harder to do intellectual work in this area. If cacti or roses you can put away from Windows and places where you sleep, these plants will do better not to start.

To attract prosperity into the house, it’ll take more than just getting rid of dangerous things, although it is more than half of the entire work. Starting everything from cleansing the house, you’re moving in the right direction, because that is not positive where it simply has no place.