It became known why Angelina Jolie again brad pitt uses

Recently the network began to receive the good news that in the relationship of Brangelina there has been warming: supposedly, the former couple is already normally communicates with each other. But now there’s insider information that this warming is another manipulation of Angelina Jolie. Read the details in our material.

Not so long ago the world’s press wrote that Jolie and pitt had a second chance relationship and even meet in secret quarere. Later, brad pitt commented on the situation, hinting that he didn’t want to go back to the former. But the fact that Angelina Jolie and brad pitt do not swear and not throw mud at each other is true.

But the catch is the actress who lost a lot of weight, in that normal attitude to her husband is that she’s using it is going to whiten their reputation (because previously all blamed her for the divorce with pitt, and before that was considered razlicica marriage of pitt and Jennifer aniston).

Angelina does everything to look good in the public eye as a woman forgive her husband for children.

And before that, wrote that in order to restore his good name Angelina Jolie uses children. Now, apparently, the actress found another lever of influence on the public.

Recall that recently, angelina Jolie was accused of ill-treatment of children.