It became known who “leaked” Valerie frost

In addition, recently, the network appeared rumors that the girl in the Perimeter there is quite a serious and influential patron among the organizers. Moreover, there is a perception that this man frost repeatedly traveled on a yacht in the Seychelles, after which she was reserve status, the site says life-dom2.su.

However, until now it was not known name who provides a social network of this information and only now it became known, to whom it could be beneficial. Among the suspects for all this time were Alex kupin Sergey Kucherov and Dmitry Talibov. Now, however, there is little doubt that leaked the secret of Valeria’s, nor anyone else, but Salenko. Long been angry that he had to close his eyes to what is happening, Zach did not stand and took revenge on the mistress.

“This relationship, that is trust and love!” “No, the act of Lery, of course, is not too impressive, but the male such actions do not paint!” – the audience commented on the rumors.