It became known that connects Chichica and Buzova

So, recently Olga Buzova credited with relations with the Roman Gritsenko, however, originally referred to relations Olya Alexey Citizen. At the time, many regarded the poems and flowers Chicita as a “tackle” to the drive and even tried to find out the reaction of the girl for the incident. To clarify the situation the man himself, says the website life-dom2.su.

According to Alexei, the only goal that he pursued, presenting Buzova gifts was the desire to please a girl. In addition, Cicic did not hide that he admires the hard work and sincerity Buzova, which was able to achieve such heights. But many social media users are convinced that Alex disingenuous. According to them, the party would not mind to have an affair with the lead, but was unable to get her interested.

“Cicic much better this woman’s looks, so I think he turned her down” “He just did not Shine – the usual rogue” is shared by the fans of the TV show youth their opinions.