ISA Anokhina wished Gufw to make a conscious overdose

And threatened with physical violence

Not long ago, Alexey Dolmatov, he’s a rapper Guf, spoke sharply about the wife of his ex-wife ISA, surfer Dmitry Anokhin, during the online broadcast in Instagram. According to the artist, the man tried to prevent them from communicating about a child in common, Sam. Earlier, he released the song “Line up”, which also publicly expressed their grievances to Anokhin. Learning of this, the 32-year-old ISA has recorded a Diss, under the alias of AZIZA.

In your rap ex-spouse explicitly States that the time of the popularity Dolmatova has passed and it is time for him to leave the stage and return to the use of prohibited substances. Anokhin also denied the presence of two higher educations — “there are 9 classes.” She threatened him, that they are forbidden to see her son and that her husband plans to deal with him man to man. At the end of the ex-wife and even wished him to make a “deliberate overdose”.