ISA Anokhin told why he recorded a Diss track of rapper Guf – 24???

ISA Anokhin has released a video in which in a rigid form expressed his ex-wife – the rapper of the Body. She later held a webcast in which he stated, why she recorded a Diss on hip hop the executor, according to the Woman.

ISA decided to answer Gufu, who previously released the track Line Up, which in a rigid form expressed about her husband ISA – Dmitry Anokhin. In your disse, and the girl began to threaten Gufu violence, promised to limit his contact with their son Themselves.

Rapper Guf ISAs Anokhin | life.ru

ISA could not be silent when the Guf in his song touched her husband, and decided to meet the rapper in “plain” language. As it turned out, the text for dissa Anokhin wrote itself.

During the broadcast of the ISA also stated that he would not deny Gufw to see Themselves, despite the fact that he is visiting a son only in a state of intoxication. According to ISA, are no longer called Gufa his father.