Irvine Welsh is preparing spin-offs about all the characters in “Trainspotting”

In February next year on the big screens will be a continuation of the film adaptation of the acclaimed novel by Irvine Welsh of “Trainspotting”. To the execution of the main roles back Ewan McGregor, Robert Carlyle, johnny Lee Miller and Ewen Bremner. The Director of the movie, like the first time was Danny Boyle.

How successful this film and will she be able to repeat the demand of the first film, we learn very soon. Meanwhile, the Director and the actors “On the needle” should think about the future, because it may be associated with Welsum and his new creations. As told to Irwin press, he is preparing a new novel that should become a spin-off of “Trainspotting” and to talk about each book individually.

His plans on creating a spin-off of Welsh already shared with the leadership of one of the cable channels and managed to interest them in his idea: “I Think now everyone who was in my book, tend to penetrate into the film — whether they like it or not. They sit in your head. As soon as you wrote about them — start to think, how to move them to other areas of public attention”, — said the writer.

Speaking about the second part of the movie “Trainspotting”, the writer noted that he needs to get a lot stronger, because there will be shown the lives of the characters that have already become iconic: “I think in some ways, this tape is better than “Trainspotting”… Her characters have become iconic — the new film will only strengthen them in this status.”


Source: intermedia.ru
Photo: Daily Billboard

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