Irson Kudikova fully settled with Pugacheva

Debt payment is red. Two years it took Alla Borisovna Pugachevato her ex-business partner Irson Kudikova paid her debts.
According to the lawsuit, which was filed by the Diva, Irson owed her 200 thousand dollars, and seven million rubles. Kulikovoj had to return the above mentioned amount and to pay 57 thousand dollars and 2, 5 million rubles per cent interest and state duty.

We will remind that the conflict broke out between Alla Borisovna and the Irson Kudikova after the last borrowed Pugacheva large sum ostensibly for the development of their school stars and kindergarten. In the promised time Kudikova the debt is not returned. After waiting for almost a year and not seeing a penny, Alla sued. Along with the claim ceased all business relations between a Diva and her trust with “factory of stars”. Initially, his company “Future Old” women, established on a parity basis, now Alla is responsible for its center and partners are not looking.

Source: http://dni.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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