Irina Toneva is secretly married

The soloist of popular group “Factory” Irina Toneva became a married lady. 39-year-old singer secretly married a dancer for her ballet show. Spouse Irina Alexey younger than her twelve years, and despite the fact that the wedding ceremony was shrouded in mystery, the newly minted mother-in-law Coneway blabbed about it.

“I came to the marriage a son from his native Kharkov. Insanely happy for them: lovely couple, very fit,” said Alexei’s mother Irina edition “StarHit”. The wedding was held in the circle of the closest people. The two namesakes relationship immediately had warm and trusting what the mother-in-law very happy.
“I think it will be a perfect wife Lesha” — boasted Irina.
Because of the busy schedule the couple will not soon be going on a honeymoon, but only a few will be freed – immediately go to sea.
For Tenevoi this marriage is the first. She previously dated TV presenter Yuri Baskovym and lead singer of the group band’eros by Igor Burnyshev, but before the wedding it never came.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: https://www.instagram.com

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