Irina Shayk showed rounded belly on outing with mother boyfriend

After the show Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show it became obvious to everyone that in 2017, supermodel Irina Shayk will give his beloved Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper first child.

Mannequin pregnant that should please her, her lover and his mother. By the way, on the background of an interesting situation Irina, women became close and now spend a lot of time together.

Recently Shayk was spotted with Gloria Cooper (Bradley’s mom) on a walk in Los Angeles.

To exit the model chose a black voluminous clothes that could hide her interesting position, but when driving rounded tummy still visible, anyway.

It is worth saying that almost from the first day of meeting Gloria and Irina found a common language and communicate well to this day: “Shake mother loves Bradley and she reciprocates her feelings. Gloria just wants her son happy. For Irina it is very important to impress her. Although Irina gets along with anyone who is Bradley it is. And it makes their relationship almost flawless” — said close to the family informant.


Source: hellomagazine.com
Photo: hellomagazine.com

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