Irina Dubtsova has admitted that ex-husband forced her to starve 24???

Singer Irina Dubtsova said that in her relationship with the former spouse of Roman Chernitsyn often had disagreements. The man made the actress to starve to lose the weight gained during her pregnancy.

In an interview with “Tele” Dubtsova admitted that he suffered the tyranny Chernitsyna. Man allowed himself to harsh statements against the wife, did not support her after the birth of their son Artem.

Irina Dubtsova with her ex-husband and son

Chernitsyn demanded Dubtsova to it as soon as possible get rid of extra pounds. The girl had to drink only water and to “give up” food.

“Haven’t eaten anything all day long — the weight remained in place,” recalls Dubtsova.

As it turned out, the weight Dubtsova has not changed since she was promoted of the hormone prolactin, holding the weight of a young mother on the spot. Later, she managed to lose 12 pounds.

Recall that the Roman Chernitsyn made an offer Irina Dubtsova during one of the reporting concert “American idol 4”. Sweethearts wedding took place in 2004. After nine years of marriage the couple has decided on divorce, writes “Around.TV”.