Irina Dontsova does not understand what happened with Alex by Copynum

The purpose of my return is to help my children understand their relationship. The fact that Maia and Alex are rarely in touch and to judge what happens between them, I can only esters. If I come as a visitor to the Island, you will be able to quickly understand their error. At the moment the guys in your relationships were lost, they were at a new stage in development of your date, I want to help them to cope and to survive this period is not as dramatic as, unfortunately, it is now going on.
I to a certain extent it’s a shame that Alex reacted so badly, when they began to raise the issue that I can come to visit them. For some reason he thought I want to go back to the project and took offense. From my point of view is wrong, in this respect, he crossed the stick. Alex has always been different from all the other guys his clear strong male position, he had a very proper upbringing, it is always I was pleasantly surprised and bribed. For some reason the last time, he began openly rude and insulting, something happened, perhaps some kind of internal breakdown. I would like to understand what these changes are connected.

I think Alex against me came because he didn’t want personally to discuss these points. Because Maya is trying very hard to change to be with Alex, and he is not… I respect the opinion of young people and I would like to respect mine, because I’m an adult. With my life experience I could give good advice.