Irina Bezrukov wrote the book son, who died two years ago

Two years ago was the most tragic in the life of Irina Bezrukovoj incident – a freak accident killed her 25-year-old son Andrei Livanov. The death of the boy generated a lot of rumors and speculation, which the real situation did not have any relationship. From that situation the conclusion can be only one – Andrew died because of a tragic accident.

Of course, to survive your child is a nightmare for any parent. But Irina managed to find the strength to move on and think that now makes it two.

On the eve of the anniversary of the death of Livanov and his mother left in the Instagram letter, which was shared with the followers their feelings: “Today our with Andrew the day… Only our… That day, 2 years ago, when his soul decided that I must find the strength to live without him… We were together almost inseparable, 25 years, 3 months and 7 days and nine months before… I was happy every day beside you… You didn’t never seriously did something to upset… never… My wise drew, you were the best of all companies for me… Very clean, bright and strong the love of my life, my mentor and guardian angel… You asked: “Mother , give me the Love and joy in my life.” I try, I know you’ve always wanted… I want to be worthy of you, my love… And this day, it’s all ours…”.

We will remind, on March 14, Sergey and Irina Bezrukov was on tour, he was home alone. After the boy’s mother could not get through to the son on the mobile phone, she reported his concern for the son of friends and colleagues of the guy in the theater where he worked. Colleagues went to the guy to make sure he was all right. But, unfortunately, in the apartment, they found the lifeless body. It is known that the stepson Sergey Bezrukov had diabetes, just before the death of the young man made himself insulin injections, and shortly before the tragedy the blood sugar the young man rose to 16 mmol/L. Feeling ill 25-year-old Andrei Livanov he called 112 and asked doctors for help, which obviously did not have time to come to the call.

Source: hellomagazine.com
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