Irina Bezrukov told about the virtues of solitude

Irina Bezrukov told about the virtues of solitude

Man is a social being. We strive to communicate, mutually beneficial social communication. But from time to time is to be left alone. And even enjoy the situation. It’s not easy, but Irina Bezrukova has already learned and ready to share the experience.

Recently, the actress admitted that she feels quite comfortable in the status of unmarried ladies. “In solitude has its charms… you Can calmly think to understand themselves, their thoughts and feelings… Sometimes, it is important to be alone with him… at least not for long)),” wrote the actress, last year suffered the death of their only son and the divorce with her husband.

The opinions of the subscribers of the actress, as usual, divided. Some agreed with Bezrukovoj: “Irina, I completely agree with you! Sometimes loneliness just need to put in thoughts in order and to find harmony with yourself.” Others noted that with such an army of fans to speak about solitude is not entirely correct: “Irina, you’re not alone! And do not expect!) You have so many friends, we, the subscribers.

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By the way, earlier, the actress mentioned that is not suffering from a lack of attention from the gentlemen. “I’m surrounded by very delicate men, who are naturally interested. But I’m not in a hurry,” said Irina.


Source and photo: kleo.ru