Irina Bezrukov revealed the details of his personal life – 24???

52-year-old Russian actress Irina Bezrukova discussed online edition WomanHit their personal lives. The woman admitted that she ready for new love relationships. From 2000 to 2015 Irina was married to Sergey Bezrukov.

Despite the increased attention from men, the doctor does not see worthy candidates for the role of the elect. In an interview Irina also said, she is attentive to their health. The doctor leads a healthy lifestyle, do not drink alcohol, and tobacco.

Irina Bezrukova

In the filmography of Irina Bezrukovoj there are domestic projects as “Yesenin”, “the Countess de Monsoreau”, “nick”, “unavailable”, “Gift”, “Earthquake”. In December 2017 on the First channel’s mini series “Ray,” in which the doctor played a secondary role.

Recall that in late October, Irina Bezrukova appeared at the premiere of the movie “Matilda” in the black plumage, which, in the opinion of the fans of the actress emphasized her rounded belly.