Irina Amanti did not support Vadim Kazachenko on the program Boris Korchevnikov

In the program Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man” was attended by Vadim Kazachenko Irina Amanti. Himself presenter tried to understand the complex family situation. However, this idea of Boris was a failure.

First Studio appeared Vadim and Irina with the dog. The screen began to show an interview that was previously recorded with his ex-wife Kozachenko, Olga Martynova. She told the story of their relationship with Vadim. Singer, in turn, sharply commented on every word Olga. Vadim assured me that he had planned the wedding with Olga and said the relationship with her adultery Irina.

When the broadcast came to an end, Boris announced that all this time Olga was backstage and invited Vadim to apologize to her for all the hurtful words. When Kozachenko agreed, Amanti decided to leave. Came Olga, who behind the scenes have heard it said ex-husband, said that she was ashamed of his behavior. But the peace talks failed and the former couple staged another family showdown. Boris was so upset I decided to leave the set and complete the talk show.