Irakli Pirchalava hurt words Lolita about his involvement in the sect

A few days ago, the singer Lolita sounded the alarm, telling that her husband Ditry Ivanov attends some personal growth trainings, which are more like classes of any sect. IBA said that her husband after attending a few meetings changed and was not acting like yourself. Lolita rushed to distance Dmitry courses and took him to Bulgaria, where the couple has a home.

In a press statement, Lolita admitted that the last figure in these training sessions is her colleague Irakli Pirtskhalava. According to the celebrity, the classmates of the artist are really proud of them and even urge you to buy his songs in iTunes.

Of course, reporters were quick to check whether Irakli attends these meetings.

39-year-old singer said that for him it was extremely hurtful words Lolita, because he’s actually involved is not a sect, but to the regular trainings: “It’s only training centers… There is nothing about religion. I was a very hurtful word Lolita, because I am an Orthodox Christian and was 18 years old hold positions. I was very touched, especially because we Lo familiar, and I was hurt that she through the press that did everything, called would Yes asked. She said I was in a cult, and it was very painful because I live on the Georgian Christian tradition and to me it is shameful.”

Irakli admitted that this training helped him become more calm, to stop drinking alcohol and a lot of “hanging out. Instead Pirtskhalava now there are a number of objectives, which he gradually achieved.

Source: starhit.ru
Photo: starhit.ru

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