Intercession Saturday 7 Oct 2017

In Orthodoxy, special attention is paid to the parent Saturdays, which is not much. 7 October 2017 will be one of them, so try to set aside personal Affairs and to devote this day to spiritual matters.

Intercession Saturday is inextricably linked to the great redundnacy feast of the Holy virgin. It neperehodimyh the occasion, that is, each year it is celebrated on the same day — October 14. Intercession Saturday is memorial day, which is intended to visit the cemeteries on the eve of this holiday.

The Feast Of The Intercession Of The Virgin

This holiday is associated with events that occurred in Constantinople in the 10th century. The city was in a state of war. The inhabitants waited for the siege, so constantly prayed. In the early morning of Constantinople, the Church was illuminated with bright lights. It was a light over the heads of the congregation. It left by Mary herself, accompanied by John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist, as well as countless angels.

Mary prayed for the people, for the congregation. Her face was streaming with tears while reading prayers. Then she removed the handkerchief from his head, and seemed to have covered them below. Hence the name of the feast of Pokrov. Then she just disappeared, but the Church was felt for a long time. People were amazed by this greatest miracle.

The meaning of intercession Saturday

Pokrov is celebrated on the 14th, and intercession Saturday 7 October. This day was elected as parent on Saturday, because the virgin Mary constantly prays for all the living and all the dead people.

In this day the majority of believers remembers the loved ones long gone near them. You can visit a cemetery and tidy up the grave of a loved one, to commemorate his good word. On this day people give sweets to children, as the clergy say that it is best to commemorate deceased children who have not yet had time to learn all the realities of the world.

If you do not get to visit the cemetery, the Church, or to read prayers, you will be able to do that to another parent on Saturday, the benefit of only 9 in a year. Yes, it’s not much, but the closest is 4 November. This so-called Dmitrievsky parental Saturday.

Live the commandments of God and do not forget to visit the temple at least 12 greatest holidays. Remember not only about the future but about the past, because the dead will always be alive in our hearts.