Instructions for pick-up by Sergey Shnurov

The musician told in verse, how to please a woman

Not one girl’s heart broke the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov. He was already three times married, and number of time pass, and count is not possible. Therefore, a musician in his microblog competently gives advice on how to love the woman who does it naturally in poetry.

“I’m certainly not Gundyaev/But I give you a hundred points That women love the races***s /And cool fools”, — says Sergey.

In his opinion, the Cord, and as we understand you can trust him, women choose with your heart and not the mind. So they need a fun and sexy men and obedient “saints” is not interesting.

“If you’re chanting and teaching/Boring. Bluntly, You can’t have a woman *** get/pies For the road,” concluded Cords instruction.

Oddly enough, among the subscribers showman turned out to be a sufficient number of “nerds” who did not agree with him. Ryflowane message has sparked debate among followers.