Insiders tell me why Prince William didn’t want another child

Yesterday on the website of the Buckingham Palace has an official message about the third pregnancy of Kate Middleton.

At first glance it seems that Prince William and Kate a happy marriage. However, if attentively to trace the life of the Royal couple, it is possible to draw certain conclusions and they are just not in favor of happiness. Remember how in March of this year, William, along with friends went to Switzerland for a bachelor party, where he spent a few days in the ski resort of Verbier. According to anonymous sources, during this visit, the Duke of Cambridge was acting like a bachelor, flirted left and right, and supposedly one flirting not done. So, upon returning home, William was waiting for the cold reception of his wife. An insider at Buckingham Palace, told the publication “Vanity Fair” that Kate a few days refused to talk with her husband: “Kate seriously believed that the party and the dubious friends of William in the past. She finds this very humiliating and terribly mad at my husband, even about the breakup is not out of the question.” However, after a few weeks, the couple again gently smiled at each other . Many believe that they helped to build relationships meeting with a family psychologist and sex therapist. By the way, even after the bachelor party in Switzerland were confident that Kate will get pregnant third child. According to the insider, Middleton, who suddenly realized that her husband may leave her, thinking about the third child to get tied to a husband.

Also it was rumored that William, Lebedinaya vernost which, after a fun bachelor party in Switzerland it is hard to believe, allegedly, were not eager to expand the family. According to another version, Kate decided on a third child, without even consulting with her husband. In July, the American magazine “Life & Style”, wrote that the Prince and did not want to think about another baby. William is glad that he has a son and a daughter. “He is sure that their family is already formed. And Kate dreams of a third, because she herself grew up in a large family,” said the insider magazine. According to him, the Prince was not mentally prepared for the next replenishment of the family.