Insiders talked about affair Jennifer Lopez and Drake

For several years Drake was in love with Rihanna, but it was enough to appear on the horizon Jennifer Lopez boy turned his attention to this beauty.

After parting with her young lover Casper SmarTeam and still not giving a second chance to her former husband Mark Anthony, j-Lo had his eye on the 30-year-old hip-hop artist, who reciprocated.

But many netizens doubt that the Roman Lopez and Drake real. According to users, Drake’s still the one who PR for others, so it makes no difference one to use for this purpose – the Barbados beauty Rihanna or a passionate seductress Lopez.

In response to a question about nastasescu of the novel to the immediate environment of the pair. They told me that Drake was in love with Jen from a young age, and therefore to be with her now for him, like the implementation of the most cherished dreams. It is noted that now, Drake and Jennifer Lopez for the first time in a mansion in Los Angeles, which belongs to the singer.

“They listen to the music and talk a lot. They’re both free, attractive, and they have a lot in common, so it is natural. They really love each other”, — concluded the source.

Do you believe in this relationship?


Source: spletnik.ru
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