Insiders: Joshua Sass planned seduced by Kylie Minogue

Looks like we have found a candidate for the title of “gigolo of the year.” British media, citing insiders close to the 29-year-old actor Joshua Sassou, reported that he deliberately had an affair with Australian singer Kylie Minogue to be promoted.

According to colleagues of the British Vinnie Jones, who also appeared in the TV series “Galavant” on the set of which he met Joshua and Kylie, Sass was originally aimed at an affair with the singer. He prudently lodged in the same hotel that she and relentlessly flirted with her, using the tricks of pick up artist. While Joshua was pretending to have never heard of this Australian singer, they say, he was not interested in her fame.
“I found out about their affair before anyone else, because he was evolving before my eyes. The relationship of Joshua to her I immediately looked suspicious, and the fact that he specifically stayed in the same hotel speaks volumes,” said Winnie.
We will remind that earlier a family friend Kylie Peter Ford told reporters that Minogue spared nothing for her boyfriend. In particular, she paid for his / her needs and beauty treatments. So, she spent at least 8 thousand pounds on hair implants below the hair of her young lover looked all so charming and had a presentation. Already half a year later, the owner of lush curls confessed after interrogation that for several months he was seeing someone else. But the singer even planned to take his name after the wedding!
While Kylie collects a broken heart, her family is happy that the case came to the wedding. Joshua initially didn’t like neither relatives nor friends Minogue.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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