Insiders: Camilla Parker-Bowles started Dating Prince Charles at the evil jilted groom

Life members of the Royal family won’t let anyone leave. This time we have not news about Kate Middleton and Prince William, and about odious Camilla Parker-Bowles who broke the Union of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

While Kate Middleton waits for the third child and preparing to appear in public, fleeing from toxicity in the Western press there was insider data about the personal life of Prince Charles. It is no secret that he was cheating on Princess Diana and all his life loved only one woman — Camilla Parker-Bowles (Lady Di even spoke openly to the other woman, and then appeared in the “revenge dress”). But few people know, the novel of Prince Charles and Camilla began. So, the Duchess Chornoliska started Dating the heir to the throne, to annoy my future husband, Andrew Parker-Bolso.