Inhabitants of Ekaterinburg have supported Paul Will

First offended, but then forgive… the Inhabitants of Yekaterinburg, at least some citizens pardoned Paul Will even forgive the showman after his controversial performance in the “heart” of the United States – new York.

The story developed as follows: Will Paul on the solo performance in new York spoke about Ekaterinburg Gopnik, noting that in Russia they are, and in the “States” like in the afternoon with fire not find.

These words hurt some residents of the aforementioned cities and in the Network, they began to write that it is better to do to sit on his haunches at the door, luska seeds, than to go to another performance of the resident Comedy Club.

On his page in the social network Paul decided to comment on this unfortunate situation, we will note that journalists who wrote about the “Yekaterinburg Gopnik” distorted information, which was later picked up by other media.

“Bad people write good people believe. We live in a time.

The press is again paying attention to me. They say offended residents of Yekaterinburg to one of my jokes. Excuses will not, because there is nothing, but the situation is clear.
I’m the humorist. All I’m saying is the scene is humor, jokes, fun. I am not a politician and not a preacher, but a humorist. Therefore, the Lord of the yellow journalists, disassemble jokes — at least silly. Stupid!

And if you carefully review my stand-up, even a child could see that a joke about that in Ekaterinburg there is a Gopnik. They are in all cities! What is there to wonder? Apparently, the Moscow journalist has never been in the Urals. So I advise him to walk on Uralmash, go in the direction of a few areas in any town he can find those guys. I know what I’m talking about. But the journalist who wrote this article, knows.

He says that all the inhabitants of Yekaterinburg took it personally. What hint? What the students narrow-minded people who do not understand anything? Not ohrenel if you can come to such conclusions? Not how many you take on, carrying nonsense on behalf of all the citizens? I have many friends from Ekaterinburg, but the inventor of a newspaper does not know the Urals, therefore, composing nonsense. Oh, and God will judge him! As a judge, and publications that did not hesitate, as usual, reprinted nonsense! Shame on you, gentlemen “journalists”, wrote the Will in Instagram, adding that actually believes Urals lovely people: “the Urals — straight, honest, decent people who if you want something to say, say it to my face. As said the mayor of Yekaterinburg, serious and thoughtful people live in this city. And I fully agree with him! All sane, respectable people, thank you for your support. Such a lot.”

And was really a lot. In the comments under this post was left a lot of comments, where the inhabitants of Yekaterinburg claimed that the humor Will, they do not seem offensive.


Source: russianshowbiz.info
Photo: instagram.com

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