Inessa Shevchuk shared his impressions of the parachute jump

Yes! Yes! Yes! I did it! 03.09.2017 your first jump in tandem, I made it in Dubai. But first things first… the Idea came long ago. It so happened that life took a change and wanted to do something… drastic Need to shake yourself and life, and what can be better and cooler than to do it at the height of 4000 meters?! 29 August I was sitting at home in Moscow, it was 4 a.m., and then I thought about the parachute, went to the site, hooked up the girlfriend and bought a jump (and, no tickets, no reservation of the hotel in Dubai was not yet). Two years ago, I wanted to jump, but it did not jump due to weather conditions, but this time, it worked! It feels that words cannot Express! To fly, to soar, to enjoy the freedom, feeling not even a storm but a veritable hurricane of emotions.