“Incompetent cook” and “chubby zero” Kseniya Sobchak insulted Ivan Urgant

The stars staged a battle in the style of Purulent and Oxxxymiron’and

On one of the capital’s social events, the public has witnessed a sharp verbal skirmish its leading Ivan Urgant and Ksenia Sobchak, which occurred on the stage. Obviously, glory video rap battle Oxxxymiron’and Festering haunts of the Russian stars.

Sobchak, recently commenting on the possibility of such a verbal duel between Sergei Shnurov and Vladimir Pozner, suddenly decided to “treat” the counterpart portion of rhymed insults, judging by the rpm, based on the claims of the audience. In response to the words of Urgant on the “glamorous party”, consistently honoring the same of their representatives, Sobchak recalled that he himself had already five years of “raping” everyone with their jokes on television. At the beginning of his speech, presenter called Ivan “incompetent povarenok”, and in the end altogether concluded: “You’re not leading the number one, you fat-faced zero!”.