In what color to meet 2018

New year for many is the most anticipated event, and to meet his needs in accordance with all traditions. According to the Eastern calendar, the patron of the upcoming 2018 will be a Dog.

In 2018, the ruling element is Earth, which is responsible for the constancy and chastity. Patron of the year will appear Yellow Dog, reinforcing in people such qualities as loyalty, fortitude, friendliness, ability to analyze the situation and find a compromise solution. This is only a brief characteristic of the coming year, which is to meet in a certain color, blending in with the symbol of the year. So you will be able to attract into your life wealth and prosperity, get rid of the accumulated for the previous year of a negative.

What color to choose for the meeting in 2018

In Eastern philosophy the yellow color represents the wisdom of generations, chastity and constancy. However, not only you can use yellow as the main colors for the outfit. Colors may vary. A wonderful choice will be yellow, brown, orange, Golden, mustard-colored as well as khaki, saffron and lots of shades close to them.

The color of the clothes should be not only appropriate for the upcoming celebration, but also to reveal your own beauty. Therefore it is necessary beforehand to go shopping to determine the shade that will suits you.

In the coming year, a Dog in a person’s life is the faithful friend and companion, she will act as hostess, so to meet her needs appropriately. Discard the garish dresses with lots of decorative elements, but do not choose too simple outfits.

In the choice of fabrics, the emphasis is done on natural materials. Light and flowing dresses accentuate the figure and make you a Princess Christmas night. However, avoid extremely explicit cutouts and high heels — they contradict the energy of earth element. The most relevant will stretch, satin, silk, Jersey.

To choose a suitable suit, you can use the full range of Land that will be the symbol of this year. This means that even graphite, peat, coffee color will be relevant. It is not necessary to use a color close to red, as they symbolize the fire is not inherent in patron 2018. Welcome dresses and suits with a subtle floral and herbal designs.

When choosing a dress remember that you don’t have to feel awkward. Be prepared to dance, participate in a fun contest and performances. It is not necessary to deny yourself fun because of your chosen dress and suit that will hamper you movements.

And of course, if you go to the celebration, accompanied by the second half, your outfits should be in harmony and to generate interest. So, the girl in a delicate dress can put the satellite into a jacket pocket handkerchief of the same color as her outfit.

The only limitation — do not try to outshine the Christmas tree. You have to Shine, but not a lot of embellishments, sequins and rhinestones. From jewelry preference is given to natural stones, products of wood or leather. A good combination would be leather straps and decorative chains, covering the waist of the girls in evening dresses.

Men do not have to wear strict suits and formal trousers. You can choose trendy jeans and a bright shirt coffee color, adding a closet leather bracelets or shoes with chains.

Remember that new year’s eve is to have fun, to capricious fortune drew on you your eyes, and the woman of the year — Yellow Dog — stayed with you, protecting your peace and comfortable life.