In Voronezh the driver on the old “six” staged drift show


Residents of Voronezh the second of September was watched nearby shopping center and an unusual game show. In this case, the driver very nice made to his old “the six”.
Most drivers prefer vehicles of foreign production, but a local resident was able to show that not the car that matters, it’s directly the skills of the driver. The old “six” has attracted an audience that was instantly gathered at the shopping complex. On the territory of Voronezh to this day has planned a “Motorshow Chernozem-2017”, offers visitors a rich car show.
It was actually a national championship, which devoted to tuning and car audio. In the framework of the festival held an exhibition of retromobiles, various competitions, awards, and much more. While the audience walked in on drift on “six”. This car is not designed for fast driving and driven drifts. Later came the models, which are more adapted to it, which pleased the local population a bold statement.